Wednesday, October 19, 2016

No more "wannabe"! Did it! PA-C.

Graduated May 21st and took my PANCE on May 31st! 


Hearing that I passed was such a great feeling. 
It actually made me feel nostalgic about all the library hours of studying.  Felt good to be able to go the library each day and just work my study plan without classes or interim exams interrupting the work schedule.

Embellished mortar board
Graduation day!

Happy graduate PA!

Now the real pressure begins. Putting it all together - the learning, the lectures, the labs, the study hours - to seeing patients.

    Transitioning to the next phase - finding a job.  And the REAL progression of learning.  Story to follow...

Daemen College Physician Assistant Class of 2016

Family at graduation    
It's all a wonderful blur

Friday, August 12, 2016

Favorite PA School Study Hacks

Study Hacks

Disclaimer:  study aids and tips are great, but as we all know  - there is no replacement for what I call "butt in the chair" time - sit down, focused and get-to-it work effort.  That being said - here's a few tipss that helped me do just that.


Speaking of focusing - here's the #1 thing I love- that my daughter taught me-
Focus at Will

This scientifically studied, brain wave reinforcing, background with a timer helps you stay focused.

It has a phone app too.  Don't take my word for it - do the free 30 day trial.  It's truly awesome.  It reinforces and trains you to concentrate by inviting you to score each work session.
Everything is better with tomatoes, garlic and mozzarella cheese!



Evernote allows me to take notes, download notes and review them effortlessly between my computer and my phone!  It doesn't get better than that - until I tell you it's FREE.

Love me some Evernote!

Here's an article on tips to maximize your paperless life with Evernote: Evernote blog post


note taking
One of the challenges that I experienced as a returning student in PA school, was finding my study style.  I dabbled and experimented with different outlines, powerpoints, notes, recordings, videos, flash cards, quizlets and more.  These are all great tools.
But I lost time in searching out what absolutely worked for me by constantly looking for a better tool or resource.  Part of this was about me searching for a better mousetrap and being a perfectionist - see my post on NOT being a perfectionist in PA school.

If you can come into the game of learning, knowing what works for your study strategy and teach yourself to ignore what others are doing - in other words - don't be distracted by other techniques that aren't optimal for your personal study style, then you are a big step ahead!

Find your style that works, and stick to it!

And if you are an auditory learner or have significant commute times, check out my post on PANCE review podcasts.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Driving Your Way to PANCE Review

Podcasts while you drive

Yeah sure, sometimes I have to relax to a few minutes of pop music or listen to my GPS so I don't take the wrong exit-- like I did this morning.

But what I really like to do now while driving whether it's around town or on the highway trucking off to clinicals is listen to podcasts that help me review for my clinical rotations and ultimately my PANCE.

Brian Wallace talks you through about 20-30 minutes of straightforward review outlines on major topics of your choice on Physician Assistant Exam Review.  He is positive, perky and encouraging - a real cheerleader.
  • Yes- you heard that right - no more wasting your drive time -you pick a topic and he reviews it for you while you cruise.  The best!
Here's another site I like for some really good review podcasts in short bursts of 5-7 min.  Andrew Reid is a PA who likes to share his knowledge.  His site has great quick and to the point topic overviews and his podcasts are super.  Check him out!

There's another site with podcasts that I really like - The PA Life.  
Stephen Pasquini leads you through topics that will be on your exam with board review style questions.

I recently made a two day drive solo from Buffalo, NY to my home state of Louisiana and it was a fabulous cross country listening and learning event for me.

So get driving and get learning!