Friday, May 1, 2015

PA Student Going to Clinical Rotations - Transitions in PA school

Spring Semester 2015 started with a clinical mission trip to the Dominican Republic then there was Buffalo...

Started the semester in the Dominican Republic
Buffalo temp
Love me some Czajka time in the classroom
The semester started in the sunny Dominican Republic on a Students Without Borders (SWOB) trip where we set up and operated a medical mission for people in need outside of San Pedro de Macoris.

Digging my car out to go to school
Then it was back to not so sunny Buffalo in January, -6 degrees, classroom days and digging my car out of the snowbanks.

There was lots of classroom time - shown here in Advanced Procedures lecture with one of our favorite professors.  (All of our professors are pretty much awesome!  But Czajka is a fave!)

Here are a few more pics from our medical mission trip - we used pink shower curtain liners to divide exam rooms.  Necessity is the mother of invention!
SWOB trip to the DR Jan. '15
My friend in the DR

Then we made it to splinting and casting lab - a highlight of spring semester - lots of photo ops.

Casting lab Spring '15

Match Day occurs each Spring when 4th year medical students open an envelope with their residency program that they matched with.  It's a big moment that they often share together as a celebratory mark of their entering into a professional phase of their medical training.
PA students don't have a match day.  But we do have plenty of transitions.
Transitions are times of growth and change.  We leave the familiar and go out into the unknown.

This semester was certainly all those things. 

In addition to our SWOB trip in January, we conducted a health fair for refugees back in Buffalo, raised $2700 for one of our favorite charities Wings Flights of Hope with a spaghetti dinner and silent auction, held our own PA Prom, learned how to start IV lines, draw blood and put on splints and casts.
All of these events were a huge success!
We haven't been told where our clinical sites are yet - still waiting for our matches.

What's next?

So here's to the next transition - clinicals!

A big thank you to all who participated in our success this semester - our professors at Daemen College and my fellow PA16ers.  Go team!

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