Monday, August 27, 2012

What to do when a woman wants to show you her breast at a football game?

This is not a riddle or a Mardi Gras story

--but a true experience from my years as a lactation consultant 


This anecdote came to mind when I read a post on Dr. Bryan Vartabedian's blog, 33Charts, on how medical practitioners handle questions from patients and non-patients on social media and in social settings in general.

I have many, many fond memories and humorous stories from my years owning my breastfeeding store, Mother's Best in Baton Rouge.  And this one stands out vividly.

I had just finished a busy Saturday at the store on this particular Louisiana Saturday in September.

My family was already at Tiger stadium, aka Death Valley, waiting for me.  I had stayed after hours helping a customer with her nursing and was already late, and in fact had not only missed kick off but the better part of the first half of the LSU football game I was trying to get to.

I was grateful to find a parking spot not too far off campus and was making my way along a half mile trek to the stadium when I was approached by a friendly past customer just outside Tiger Stadium.

She stopped me to say hello and update me on her baby's milestones.

Hello quickly evolved into "I have one quick question" and can we go over here "so you can look at my breast for me?" 

So there you have it ladies and gentleman,

how you get asked to look at a woman's breast at a football game.


How did I handle it, you wonder?  I told her that her baby was adorable and asked her to come see me at the store.

I once worked for a family practice doc who would scratch his fingernails over the cell phone receiver saying "I can't hear you, the reception is bad..." when his service put through a call about constipation while he was at a ballgame.

What would you have done?  Tell me in a comment.

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