Saturday, August 25, 2012

What Not to Wear on Your First Day of PA School

Because I love a good list, here goes:

The hit parade of what not to wear:

#1 The Bikini

Even if you look like this wearing one--don't. 

Actually, especially if you look like this wearing one--don't!




Reasons:  obvious


1.-class mates (girls) will hate you instantly


2.-class mates (guys) will never look you in the eyes again



either #1 or #2, possibly both. 


And guys, this means 

SPEEDO = NO for you.


Just say NO to the Bikini concept, your life in PA school will go smoother.





#2 The Tux

 or any Formal Wear 


Anything that suggests you just rolled in from last night's adventure is a definite NO!


Again, Reasons:  obvious


You are here to learn to be a physician assistant, a medical professional, not a reality show celeb -- that comes later.

If you have to think too hard about this one (or #1), revisit your choice of profession. 


#3 Stiletto Heels 

Or any type of "fun shoe"




-Preserve the longevity of your feet, and your ability to stand on them and be a PA when you finish school.


-Don't look like you violated choice #2


And guys, I guess this means no cowboy boots for you, unless you live in Texas.  

Then anything goes!


#4 Absolutely anything you wore last summer!

For me, this will include the above outfit worn in Cairo this past summer (see my Egypt post, "View from a Camel") with my uncle.  

We were trying to blend in, hence the head scarf and long black robes. You will NOT see me in this in PA school.



Wear something new and different.  Last summer is so five minutes ago! 


You are starting a new and important phase of your life!  Wear something fresh, comfortable and appropriate.



Buy some new mechanical pencils, highlighters.

Stock up your book bag and open up a new page in your life! 



If you are a fellow PA student or a school veteran, let me know in a comment what you would add to this list!





Thanks go out to my fellow blogger at TheLondoner for her photos.

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