Friday, August 24, 2012

Microbes & Spiders

Bread mold - Aspergillus niger

Microbes we love to hate

I found this cool article on some fascinating microbial organisms we take for granted.   Some of these organisms are beneficial to us yet we fear their reality.

There are many microbes that we are unaware of, many that we know and love and many that we fear disproportionate to their power to interact with us.

Personally, I feel very comfortable handling many pathogenic bacteria and I did so for a living for several years.

I can't say the same for spiders.  I have a disproportionate fear of all spiders.  There will be NO spider pictures on this blog.

Spider Seuss

I do not like spiders.
I do not like them in a tree.
I do not like them with a flea.
I do not like them one or all.
I like spiders not at all.

I don't want to know if there are beneficial spiders or should I say spiders that are beneficial to humans.
I understand that there are many that are helpful to plants.  That's fine plants don't know any better.  I do.


Camp Effie 

Live Oak trees at Camp Effie
A visitor saw a brown widow spider in my yard today. 

It was under a large tree in the front yard hanging on a thread of silk.  She identified it and offered to knock it down.  I declined her kind offer thinking that if it ran on the ground I couldn't see it and it might run up my leg.  Yes, probably irrational.  I'm over thinking spiderness. 

She had previously been bitten by a brown widow and was told by the ER doctor that her hallucinations were a common effect of the bite and "enjoy the trip."


Brown widows a gift from Katrina

These brown widow spiders, a nasty relative of the black widow, were blown into our state from the Caribbean during Hurricana Katrina.  Interesting how weather shapes our for years to come.

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