Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Between Days

Going back to Louisiana (and points beyond):

Here I am again in those in between days of transition.  Just when I get comfortable in one location, home, routine, gym, sure as shootin' -- it's time to go to the next one.
Now comfort in Buffalo (BLO) does not include the weather.  Tomorrow is May 11th and they are expecting upper 30s.  The weather here is cold, windy and wet.  Might as well be Scotland!

So we are shipping out to Louisiana again today.

Sharing a link here to an article in the New York Times by a writer
who teaches at Tulane and calls NYC home who wrote really well on the topic of making frequent flip flop transitions.
Road sign I am looking for.

Buffchic goes to PA school:

When I return to Buffalo and Buffchicdom, I will count myself as officially in physician assistant school. As I will be taking a summer course at Canisius College in medical ethics that will transfer to my PA program at Daemen College.  YAY!!!!

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