Monday, May 7, 2012

How to be a PA student leader

So many good reasons to be a student leader, so little time.  (That's another post.)

Here are some good starter tips to get you going as a student advocate and student leader in your chosen profession as a physician assistant.

Join, join, join-read, listen and learn:

Join the AAPA as a student member, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.  Read what they are about as you look forward to becoming a full fledged professional.

The conference in Toronto later this month has student activities planned.  Attend if you can!

AAPA IMPACT 2012 in Toronto has educational and leadership events for you.  See below.

Student Academy of the American Academy of Physician Assistants
Like Us on Facebook: SAAAPA

SAAAPA created four tracks of lectures and forums for PA students attending the annual conference. The schedule and sign up

The Leadership Forum link can also be accessed through the SAAAPA page ( under IMPACT 2012.

FREE Student Membership with APACVS:

The Association of PAs of Cardiovascular Surgery (APACVS) has agreed to let students join for FREE for the next two years. If you are student who wants to check out heart and lung surgery - visit the website:

Sign up to get Weekly Healthcare Happenings Newsletter:

My friend, Bianca Belcher, puts out a weekly e-newsletter that gives thumbnail sketches and links to issues in healthcare for the week.  It is lively, informative and very interesting.
Below is how to sign up for this by emailing Bianca Belcher. 


If you want to receive these emails, here’s how:
1. Email:
2. Subject: ADD ME

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