Monday, May 28, 2012

Buffchic goes to Eastern Europe

Preparing for PA school by relaxing and traveling:

When I asked Harrison Reed, Yale PA student, what he advised doing this summer as I prepared to enter PA school in the fall, I expected him to recommend some texts that I should review.  Instead, he advised relaxation and travel.  I am taking him at his word.  Smart guy that Harrison.  Here's a look at Harrison's excellent blog on his PA school life.

So when my uncle invited me to accompany him to Eastern Europe and then on to Cairo, I said "yes!"  I will be visiting four cities I have never been to before:  Budapest, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Cairo.  I leave Wednesday.
Basilica in Budapest, Hungary
Summer in Budapest

Shanx looks cooler than Shanks
Today after breakfast, we painted my pink suitcase with multicolored polka dots and emblazoned a version of my last name (Shanx) down the side in blue and silver spray paint.
Polka Dot is ready for the road.
 And tomorrow I pack for my journey.

Memorial Day 2012

Today (Memorial Day) I visited my father at Oak Haven nursing home where he resides.  As we ponder the losses of service men and women, I wonder how he felt when he entered WWII as a 16 year old.  He rarely spoke of his time as a Navy corpsman aboard a light cruiser in the Pacific, and now he is past being able to recount any stories that remain untold.

Missing IMPACT in Toronto

So though I am missing AAPA IMPACT in Toronto, I've been tuning in to the town hall meeting posted online.  Sorry to miss the conference, but must prepare for PA school in the fall as Harrison urged! 

Cairo, Egypt

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