Thursday, May 31, 2012

Buffchic checks in at Frankfurt-delayed on way to Budapest

Ten hour flight from Houston to Frankfurt, Germany was smooth and easy.  I slept well after watching a mindless chic flick movie (The Vow) chiefly worth watching for the nude shots of Tatum Channing.
at New Orleans airport

This was in contrast to the pre airport trip to MSY in New Orleans when we got a speeding ticket on I10 and a wheel broke off of my carryon luggage roller going into the airport.

Delayed in Frankfurt

I missed my flight to Budapest in Frankfurt due to delay in "de-bussing" the plane despite a United on time arrival.  No gate was available. So here are all these 767 and 747 jumbo jets parked out on the tarmac off loading passengers onto a series of buses to the terminal.
Beer & franks while charging
By the time I got through immigration and security, flight to Budapest was closed.  Watching the Lufthansa gate agents bicker and argue behind the counter was the only amusement here.

So I am spending the day waiting in the Lufthansa lounge for the 9pm flight to Budapest.

Luckily the accommodations are decent.  Sausages with crepes and German beer (round 2).  Earlier I sampled their artisan breads, made to order salads with fresh snipped herbs from their garden growing on the counter, fresh strawberries and some German Reisling as well as a couple German sparkling wines followed by an espresso and apricot custard-- quite delightful.

Fellow travelers amuse

Earlier I sat next to a table of professional mountain cyclists (didn't know there was such a thing) and their coaches who were all drinking water with lemon and comparing their body fat composition percentages and race results of cohorts amid waitresses offering cheesecakes, gelatos and pretzels.  Their bikes had been shipped ahead last week via truck and they were on a tour.
German sparkling wine and strawberries at Lufthansa lounge

Now I am amid business men skyping with their home offices discussing sales prospects, trends and issues.  Overheard - one man's phone call  in Italian, the next in German and the next in Japanese.  I admire these guys who can converse fluently in so many languages.

Back to my Rosetta Stone study of Russian.

Blogger in German

Did I mention that blogger is suddenly in German here?  Good thing I am familiar with the layout of the program.
Redeeming tidbit
Ah, but there is a Tiffany store in the airport here, along with the requisite McDonald's, of course.

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