Thursday, April 12, 2012

Snapshot of current PA demographics

This article in the April issue of JAAPA gives an interesting snapshot of the PA profession in the United States as of the end of 2011.

Where does the average PA practice? 

This snapshot reveals the profession as predominantly female.  The states of New York and California have the greatest numbers of practicing physician assistants.

It jumped out at me that the states of Mississippi and Louisiana only have 111 and 744 physician assistants respectively.  And Arkansas has fewer than 200.  As a resident of Louisiana (and New York), I am a bit surprised that PAs are so few and far between in my home state of La.
Our Mississippi friends need more PAs.

Why so few PAs in some states?

This is curious.  I wonder why these states are so under represented. 

  • Is this because large cities in some of these Southern states are widely separated?  
  • Is the scarcity of PA programs in these states a large contributing factor?  There are only two PA programs in the state of Louisiana and one each in Arkansas and Mississippi.

Observation:  Hawaii has only 233 practicing PAs. 
Conclusion:  Clearly Hawaii is underserved!
To do list:  Complete PA school, lose 10 lbs., look great in bikini, move to Hawaii to practice.

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