Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Power Blogger, Heather Armstrong, on Today Show

No British Accent
Power blogger, Heather Armstrong of Dooce.com, was on The Today Show yesterday morning.

Before she began to speak, I expected a British accent.  But the former Mormon from Tennessee speaks perfect Americanese.

The self-described mommy blogger, who turned her blog into a family supporting business and who has a vague Twiggy like resemblance was touting her new book and revealing her impending divorce.  Her blogs and tweets are pithy and saucy with a biting but humorous edge.

Here is a paragraph from her blog that is particularly amusing because it works in Al Roker's nipples into the convo.
"Last night I had a dream that Al Roker was demonstrating proper breastfeeding techniques to me and a room full of 18 other pregnant women. He had gigantic nipples and was handling them with an almost unlawful carelessness, just swinging them around and pinching them and mooshing them like little red meat patties. He made sure to warn us that we shouldn't try this at home, not yet anyway, because persistent nipple stimulation has been known to induce labor. And I know I had this dream because I just read about the whole nipple stimulation technique, that there are some doctors who recommend that a pregnant woman past her due date try twiddling her nipples for up to three hours at a time."
In her start to finish autobiographical "about me" section she describes that moment several years ago when she hired her first employee for her blog, and it reminded me of the moment when I hired my first employee of my breast pump rental business.
Linda was my son Owen's babysitter.  She kept several small children in her home.  She was middle aged, provincial and not really comfortable with breastfeeding, but she was willing to give it a shot and try.  And that we did.  Fifteen years later, after many more employees come and gone, I was ready to close the business and start a new chapter--readying myself for physician assistant school.

Heather's description of that moment in her business and her family life struck a chord.  I remember that feeling of momentum, of striving for that next thing, the next goal.  Goals are simple to quantify on blogs--readers, views, comments, posts, ads, ad revenue.  I measured success in my business, Mother's Best, by how many breast pumps I had, how many I rented out and how many times a day the phone rang.  It was gratifying, exciting and exhausting, as I'm sure running the business that Heather's blog became is also.

There must be something freaky, scary about making the dialogue of your life into a business that sustains you a la Kate plus Eight Gosselin,
name your K Kardashian, or OctoMom.  They have more guts than I do.


I wish Heather good luck as she divides her family.  I know how painful this process is and how many years it can take to heal financially, emotionally and completely.  Here's hoping her process is not as lengthy and painful as mine.

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