Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter holidays and a new discovery

Well I'm back in Buffalo, and we are now officially in the season of Lent.
It occurred to me that I have only been in Buffalo for about two and a half weeks this winter!

Holidays and Remembrances

Sometimes I mark major life events in my memory with the season or holiday they occurred in.  My mother's death will always be tied with Thanksgiving now as she died in the early morning hours after that feast day.  My grandmother died the day after Valentine's Day this year.  And I got married in Lent in 2011. 

I spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, my son's birthday, Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday in Louisiana.

Valentine's Day in Buffalo
Back in snowy Buffalo 
Valentine's Day was spent in Buffalo with my husband, thankfully.

I have logged many travel miles this past season.  But I count myself as a fortunate person to have two such wonderful locales to bounce between.

Holidays in Louisiana with the family
A new blog discovery

I was excited to find an interesting, new blog today--a Penned Point.
Dr. Karen Sullivan Sibert writes from Los Angeles where she is an accomplished anesthesiologist. 

Though she has a glowing educational pedigree, her writing is immediately warm and easy but polished and accessible.  Every post I read grabbed my attention, spoke to me and earned my respect all at once.  These are hallmarks of an outstanding writer!

She writes in a way that weaves in her personal life experiences with her medical expertise and work in such a way that both are valued, respected and brought forward for the reader to learn from and appreciate.

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