Sunday, February 19, 2012

Walking in my mother's shoes

My mother's shoes, my feet, Mac book, & Imperial Stormtrooper
(aka my new iPhone)

Friday I walked in my mother's shoes at my grandmother's funeral.

Really, I wore my mother's Ferragamo shoes -- I left my dress shoes in Buffalo.

My mother died in November and this has been a winter of loss.
I spoke for her and myself at my grandmother's funeral on Friday.

View from the top!

Father Paul says he will come by Tuesday (Mardi Gras) after Mass and we can burn another roux together.
Making another appearance with Fr. Paul
As I prepare for spring and think ahead to summer and PA school this fall.
I can't help to wonder, ask questions and doubt.
What will it be like to be back in school intensely?
Will I love it or hate it or both?

Medical Family

My family are mostly medical folks:
Last count -- we had:
-3 MDs
-a DO
-a nurse anaesthetist (that's tough to spell!)
-a dental student
-a couple vets
-too many RNs to count

My great grandmother Luella Deville Clark (whose crypt is seen here near her daughter's--my grandmother Capitola McCann) was essentially the one who started all this when she encouraged and indeed pushed her grandchildren (my mother and uncles) to go to medical school.
Clark and McCann
Side note:
My mother was in medical school at LSU in New Orleans on a Betty Crocker scholarship in 1958 when she got pregnant for me and decided to not go back and earned her pHd in Biology from CUNY later.

But Mama (our great grandmother who lived to be 99) pushed all her grand children to go into medicine and my mother's youngest brother, Bryan went to LSU medical school as did two of his sons--Shawn and Darron.  Darron practices with his father in Marksville now.  And Shawn is getting ready to move to Australia for a year to work in primary care.
My cousin Shawn-soon to be an Aussie

It's interesting to observe the various personalities and personas that express themselves through these professions when they all get together.  And I wonder sometimes if the personality fits the profession or if other avenues had been available to some of my family at the time if they would have embraced those aspects of the medical profession.

Mausoleum where my great grandparents & grandmother are.
Those "what have I done feelings" surface at times.  And the "why didn't I do this 20 years ago" thoughts, too.
Oh well...

Sealing my grandmother's crypt
Uncle Bryan, cousins Corey and Darron-2 Docs & a Vet

Aunt Ceil

Lilly, Lilah and Shawn

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