Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras and 10,000 views!

Fat Tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras everyone from Central Louisiana!
"Laissez les bontemps roulez!"

Note:  Hixson brothers funeral home, where I have been a frequent guest lately, is on Bontemps (trans. good times) St. in Marksville.

NOLA Abita Brewery posted this reveler throwing beads.
Marksville is quiet and warm today.  Half the town is enjoying a day off from work or school and the other half is New Orleans--see below!

The drive thru line at the drive through Daiquiri shop in Marksville is around the side of the building!  Folks are lining up to buy their daiquiris by the gallon!

I'll be heading back to Buff tomorrow, so I'm soaking up the sunshine and warm weather today.

I hit the 10,000 views number today!  Wow, this came fast.  Thanks and keep reading!

Bigger than life!

Throw me something, Mister!

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