Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mice share wisdom: cellular housekeeping & breastfeeding

This fascinating article in The New York Times shows us through a micey paradigm that exerting physiologic stress on our bodies by working out at the gym helps our cells clear out cellular debris.
Mouse mother with her babies

Mice breastfeed
So I got to thinking, mice were a tool in this research study that taught us something about a physiologic benefit of exercise in cellular restoration through housekeeping...what else can we learn from our mice friends?

Mice show us the way to better health.
You know mice breastfeed their young exclusively.  And they breastfeed in public also!  No chastising older mice shaking their fingers, no leering boy mice sneaking a peek, no jealous girlfriend mice making catty remarks!

Mice have no fear of showing their nipples in public!

Mouse out with her young for a stroll

Perhaps we need to take a couple pages out of the mouse playbook.

-- exercise regularly --
-- breastfeed our young --

"Breastfeeding" by Tamara de Lempicka

This Russian painting in the Art Deco style of a stylish flapper nursing her baby is lovely not only for the artistic representation, use of color and composition but for the implied social commentary seen in her wistful if somewhat bored expression.

We imagine that there is a ballroom full of festive couples waiting downstairs for her to rejoin the party and a nanny waiting just out of view for the "baby hand off."

I have always thought that cattle need to be more discreet in their nursing as well as other bodily functions.  See cartoon at right.
Ever see a cow urinate in public?  It's not a pretty sight.

Breastfeeding mom with sunglasses
Nursing in sunglasses

This mom looks like she is enjoying nursing her baby cafe side perhaps near the beach.  I hope her sunglasses are not
Madonna and child
to protect her from the glare of onlookers.   And I suspect that in Australia, where this was taken, they are not.  But I bet in the U.S. there would be some snippy holier than though put your breast in your shirt types yapping at her.

And The Madonna and Child.

There is so much to be gleaned here.  The Blessed Mother nurses a not small baby Jesus.  I like this.  This infant looks to be at least a year old, and he looks up at his mother with recognition and interest.  What a perfect way for a young child to interact with his mother.
If the Madonna does it, shouldn't we strive to follow suit?

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