Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Birds sighted in Louisiana.

Majestic bald eagle.  This is a BIG BIRD!
I have seen three bald eagles in the last two days, here in central Louisiana and two painted buntings.

I saw a bald eagle right in town in Marksville, LA.  Couldn't believe it!  This sighting was confirmed by my aunt and uncle, experienced wild life spotters. (I would not have trusted  my identification of this bald eagle in between two houses in Marksville, but we confirmed it with binoculars.)

Then I saw two bald eagles at the Morganza spillway.  One sitting in the nest and the other in a tree nearby.  They have apparently built a new second nest there closer to the road.  (The "old" larger nest that I used to see them in is still present in a large tree a couple hundred yards from the road.)

I think wife-eagle told her mate that she wanted a bigger kitchen and they built a new nest!

Painted Bunting: one gaudy bird:

Painted bunting
Then the day before I saw two painted buntings in one day at my bird feeder at Effie.  I hadn't had the privilege of seeing one of these brightly colored guys in about 15 years.  And then I saw two in one day--outstanding!  These birds are known to be a bit shy and not commonly seen at feeders--more commonly sighted in the woods or open fields.

I think the Painted Bunting looks like what a kindergartener would paint if you gave him a broad brush and some poster paints in primary colors and said to him, "now paint a bird."

P.S. I saw another painted bunting this morning at Effie!  A personal world record for me!

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