Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Back to Louisiana...again.

Quick turn around here. 

Buffchic back to LaChic tomorrow

My grandmother, Capitola McCann, passed away this afternoon.

Heading back to Effie, LA tomorrow morning early.

She was 93. 
She gave up her desire to continue when my mother, her only daughter, died the day after Thanksgiving.  I was very close to my grandmother.  She taught me to cook and gave me a strong work ethic and a lot of coping skills. 

I'm very glad now that we took her out of the nursing home and kept her at my mother's home in Effie at Christmas time for three weeks.  She was still able to eat at that time and I made her plenty of gumbos, banana puddings, and berry cobblers to stimulate her appetite.

I am glad that I was there with her this past week as well. 

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