Monday, February 13, 2012

Outliers, Bald Eagles and Back to Buffalo

Well, it's back to Buffchic.
I have bounced back to Buffalo where it is snowy and cold.

Bald Eagles in Pointe Coupee Parish

I did see the two bald eagles at the Morganza spillway on my way to the airport yesterday morning.  They were in their new nest.
Perhaps this pair of bald eagles are outliers now, having constructed their new nest closer to the road --though probably not for our viewing pleasure. 
Morganza Spillway. Bald eagle nests in trees to top left of this photo

Spring arriving in Louisiana

Note to self:  plan next trip back to Louisiana ASAP where Spring is arriving.

Evidence of spring in Louisiana:

Strawberries were for sale in the backs of pick up trucks along HWY 190 going into Baton Rouge last week.  Crawfish are showing up on in restaurants and seafood markets.  Mardi Gras balls are mostly wrapped up.
Buds are out on the trees--hope we don't get another frost before Easter.


I finished reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell on the plane.  Absolutely riveting book.  What a fabulous writer Gladwell is.  I want to read What the Dog Saw next.

I read the chapter on the Korean Air disasters and how they solved the communication issues that contributed to the layers of pilot error that contributed to their multiple crashes back in the 90s.

Fascinating reading while aloft!

It makes you realize that though you may have thought that your safe arrival at the next airport depended on the training and skill of your pilot, it more accurately may rest on the communication styles of the pilot, first officer and flight engineer and how their successful communication amongst themselves and the ATC depends on their cultural backgrounds and unique personalities.

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