Saturday, February 11, 2012

Owen's 19th Birthday - Gumbo Dinner

I made a duck and sausage gumbo yesterday for my son Owen's birthday.  We had some homemade file (pronounced fee-lay) powder on the gumbo.  So good!
As before, my Uncle Bryan seen here behind Owen supplied the ducks for the gumbo.
Owen blows out his candles.

I didn't burn the roux this time! 
File powder-ground Sassafras leaves

Father Paul stopped by to say hello Thursday night and supervised my gumbo  cooking.


We played a rousing game of Rook.  Rook is our family card game of choice.  My great grandparents (Mama and Papa) were the starters of this card game in our family, and we continue their legacy as we recount their card playing antics while we play. In our family, we count cards, keep score and get pretty darn serious about our victories and defeats.  I took a beating at Rook on this evening by my aunt and uncle.  My final score was negative forty.

Vintage Rook cards
We actually buried my great grandmother, Luella Delilah Deville Clark, with Rook cards in her hand.  Yes, really!  She loved the game that much. 
We gave her the best hand in the game and positioned her hand as if she were throwing out the Rook card on her first play of the game.
Rook cards

Me and Owen

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