Tuesday, January 3, 2012

When is shadowing like hunting deer?

Well, I am off to Syracuse this weekend to interview at Le Moyne College.   I hope my cute Fergie boots will hold up to the rigors of snow and slush--they are as yet untested.
My Fergie boots.

So here's a riddle:

When is deer hunting like shadowing?

When you are in the deer stand watching five shooting lanes for deer and you are quiet and careful of your movements so you don't make noise or call attention to your presence.

I went along with my uncle on a hunt yesterday.  I was a non-shooter, an observer with binoculars watching and trying to be unobtrusive like when I was shadowing.

Watching deer is like observing patients when shadowing. 
You use all your senses and you try very hard to not disturb the creatures or patients in their natural habitat while you watch the hunter or PA.

We watched three good sized bucks (8-10 points) together in a clearing about 150 yards from us.

Typical deer stand.

My husband shot a doe (my aunt had requested some venison).  And we tracked her for a hundred yards or so in the woods looking at leaves for spots of blood with flashlights.  We followed her trail for quite awhile marking large blood spatters and pools in the leaves.  It was a good lung shot.  But then the trail ended abruptly and couldn't be picked up again.  We got the dogs out of the truck and they apparently found her but neglected to lead us to her.   It was well after dark at that point and quite cold, though there was beautiful moon light and stars.  We think the lab found her last night because she came home with about five to six deer ticks on her head.

So my uncle and David went back out this morning with four dogs to find the doe.

Meanwhile, I am on my second pot of coffee while waiting for the nursing home to come pick up my grandmother to take her back to Oak Haven nursing home.


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  2. I have read your all the article and now i am telling you my past weekend story. I Sunday i was go with my family and uncle. All the day we spent on the forest and going hunt