Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Healthcare disparity: women who level the playing field.

Post script on contraception and the Catholic church

As a further perspective on my recent post on contraception coverage and the Catholic employers, I share this NYT article in their Money & Policy section.

The New York Times ran this interesting article on the refusal of Catholic colleges and institutions to provide contraceptive coverage.

Fordham University

They tell the story of a Fordham law student who took constructive action to level the playing field for other students by making a healthcare initiative that can go beyond the denial of care from the Catholic college she attends.
"In November, Ms. Dunlap, 31, who was raised a Catholic and was educated at parochial schools, organized a one-day, off-campus clinic staffed by volunteer doctors who wrote prescriptions for dozens of women."
What a positive action from this young woman.  This is what we need more of.  Note that this was an off-campus clinic.  She recruited volunteers and organized this effort--no small feat.  You go Girl!

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