Saturday, January 28, 2012

PA School Interview #4 and Good Signs

My interview at Daemen College in Buffalo was yesterday.

Good Signs

It was snowing while I waited in the church parking lot for the arrival of the Daemen College shuttle.  While waiting I saw a "very Buffalo" sign in the church parking lot.  It read:

No skateboarding.
an additional sign below read:
No baseball.
No Lacrosse.
No hockey.

You sure won't see that sign in Baton Rouge, LA!

Daemen College

Daemen's new library - pretty awesome!
I was very favorably impressed with the PA program at Daemen.

Daemen devotes two years to the didactic portion of their program, as opposed to the one year that most schools devote to this phase.  At first, I thought this may be a drawback.  But after learning more about their curriculum and how they coordinate the study of each organ system with the comparable study of related diseases and how this affords their students multiple exposures to important topics, I now feel good about the two years in the classroom.   And knowing that they have some semester and summer breaks in their program is comforting as well.

Daemen's library

Go Wildcats!

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