Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nightmare game

Dreadful Nightmare

OK, I had a horrible dream last night that LSU was trampled by Alabama in the BCS Bowl.  And in this dream, it was a dream right, Les Miles played Jefferson the entire game despite his inadequacies and poor decision making.  The offensive line collapsed frequently, LSU was credited with many penalties and was basically inept in every way.  It was a horrible nightmare.  I am so glad it is Tuesday. 

My Tiger heart is broken today.
Coach, really?

Les Miles seemed fuzzy headed and dull.  It was as if someone had told him (and possibly the entire team) right before the game that his dog died, his girlfriend/wife cheated on him and he just failed his Chemistry final.  And that if he fouled up this one game, there was a chance that the lords that rule would reverse these dreadful occurrences for him.

LSU Tiger pride.

Gosh, Coach, don't make too many  summer plans in Baton Rouge this year!  You and the wife might be pulling up stakes soon if it is left up to the fans in Baton Rouge.

Just a dream

Thank goodness this was all a horrible dream.  My number one Tigers are still near and dear to my heart!

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