Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cutting Edge Mental Health Center & Drive thru Daiquiri Shops

Sign in Marksville, LA on Tunica Drive:

"Cutting Edge Community Mental Health Center"

Now keep in mind that my gym in Marksville serves double duty as a U Haul truck rental facility.  So you never know what kind of duality exists in the hearts and minds of these Central Louisiana folks!

Typical Marksville area street scene.

Juneau's in Marksville, LA.  I have taste tested their hot boudin.

It is quite likely that the Cutting Edge Mental Health Center is a quality place for community mental health support.  I am just finding humor in the possible duality and double entendre in their name.

Marksville is a great town if you want to gamble at the Paragon Casino and Resort (run by the Tunica Indian Tribe), eat cracklins, hot boudin or cochon de lait or hunt alligators.

And if the Cutting Edge Mental Health Center doesn't get ya, what about the drive thru beer barn and of course the three drive through Daiquiri Island shops.  Yes, we can drive thru for our booze here in Louisiana.  No, REALLY!  And if they leave the paper cover on the top of the straw, it is considered a "closed container" and okay to drive with in the car!  Don't get me wrong, I am not theoretically opposed to the convenience that these emporiums offer, but I am not interested in going there OR buying my Margaritas by the gallon (as the ad on the side of Daiquiri Island suggests.)
My uncle feeding pig lungs to an alligator at his camp.

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