Monday, January 9, 2012

Home from Interview in Syracuse

Well I'm happily back in Louisiana today where it is warm and muggy.  It's 70 degrees and about 85% humidity with lots of ground fog--situation normal for central Louisiana winters.

When I left Syracuse yesterday morning it was snowing big, fat heavy flakes.  I even had to clean off my rental car before driving to the airport via Dunkin Donuts (sorry Tim Horton's--didn't visit your emporium this time).
Tim Hortons - always fresh, always a line!
My visit to Syracuse went well, even though I was sick and did not enjoy the traveling.  I met some more cool PA school applicants from Colorado, Wyoming, Florida, Illinois and many other states.
My prop plane in Syracuse waiting to take me home!

Le Moyne College PA Program

The PA program at Le Moyne College has a humanities in medicine seminar in its first year didactic curriculum that I find very interesting as this is a topic near and dear to my heart.  I am interested in the application of observation skills in art and literature and how they apply to medical diagnostic skills.  There is much to be learned from studying the portraiture of the Great Masters (think jaundice in the Renaissance) and literary descriptions of characters (think Dickens or Mary Shelley, for example) that can be carried forward into learning and honing diagnostic skills.
Also, studying the arts and understanding them through a medical lens can increase one's empathetic understanding of patients.  So I am excited about this prospect.

The new building that houses the PA school at Le Moyne was really spiffy and nice.  They are just moving in now and not all the classrooms are finished, but we got to go in anyway.  They feature beautiful floor to ceiling windows with vast vistas of hillsides around Syracuse from the classrooms.  Nice!

So Go Dolphins!  (Le Moyne mascot)

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