Saturday, January 21, 2012

Accepted and Dreaming!

Big announcement:

I have been accepted into PA school!  

Nerdy but cool PA pocket style

Yes, I got the wonderful phone call last week and have been holding in my giddy excitement and releasing it in small bursts to spread it out over a longer period of time.

Sappy but cute.


I have been dreaming about getting text books and getting ready for PA school.  Fresh notebooks and getting out my favorite mechanical pencils and highlighters!  These are some of my favorite things!  Yes, I am a pencil nerd.

I am also dreaming and dreaming big of what kind of specialty I may want to practice in.  I fantasize about the quintessential essence of each type of practice....


DISCLAIMER: these are silly fantasies.  Do not jump to conclusions.

Fantasy I:  Plastic Surgery This fantasy has me tooling around Beverly Hills, latte in hand, sun roof open on my Volvo, on my way to work in a plastic surgery clinic for the botox needy of Southern California.
(This is a popular fantasy for me right now while I am enduring the unpleasant 19 degree cold, snow, and slush in my first winter in Buffalo.)
My mythical SoCal destination in my plastic surgery dream

Fantasy II:  Inner City Family Planning Clinic In this one, I am seeing and treating inner city youth perhaps in a reproductive resource type clinic.  I get to dialogue with young women about safe sex, smart choices and honoring themselves with healthy choices that include exercise, eating smart and avoiding smoking and alcohol and drug abuse.

Fantasy III:  Pediatric Fantasy This fantasy has me seeing new mothers, helping them with their breastfeeding and solving their lactation related issues.  The fantasy part comes in to play when I see no screaming toddlers, only neonates to one year olds--happy babies.  And ALL my patients breastfeed!  (Reality dose--I am planning on IBCLC recertifying this year before PA school in the Fall.)

Happy baby

Fantasy IV:  Surgery  Me as a surgery (fill in specialty here) PA.  I get to wear my comfy Dansko clogs and soft scrubs all the time.  I get to work alongside some super brilliant surgeons who I respect and learn from.  And I get to the gym everyday after work and stay skinny.  (Perceived downside--possible back and neck strain from standing over operating table.) P.S. Note to self-- look into robotic surgery options.

Fantasy V:  Primary Care  In this fantasy, I get to treat patients with diabetes and counsel them on exercise, nutrition and life style management, and they listen!  And I get to help people with smoking cessation and they are serious about it!  (Perceived downside--not sure if there is enough adrenaline flow here for me.)

Real Dream:

I dreamt last night that I had to attend to "get ready for PA school" sessions back to back at two different schools because I hadn't made a decision yet on which school I would attend.

In this dream, I had to perform athletic and intellectual feats as well as manual dexterity skills before a board of PA school professors who were grading on me on chin ups (which I can't do), amount of mid-section flab and my ability to recall calculus functions (practically nil).  One group had me belly crawl up to the table in a suit!

Then they gave me my "get ready for school kit."  This included crewel embroidery supplies, yarn, knitting needles and crochet hooks.
I felt comfortable because I know how to knit AND crochet!  Knit two, purl four...

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