Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 Lex and me in "Lex's Salle"
I visited Baton Rouge yesterday.
It seemed the billboards on I10 showing Coach Les Miles fist pumping with the Raising Canes chicken mascot Raising Cane II should have been shrouded in black.  There was definitely a pall over the town of Baton Rouge.  Some said half the population was still in New Orleans with the covers over their heads after the disastrous BCS Bowl game loss to Alabama Monday night.

Morganza spillway in Louisiana
I saw two bald eagles near their nest at the Morganza spillway while on my way to Baton Rouge.  They are spectacular birds.  Their nest is in one of the trees next to the spillway.  It always seems like a good omen when I see them when I drive over the spillway.  Too bad the LSU football team didn't pass that way on their way to New Orleans.  Who knows maybe Nick Sabin would have been the loser Monday night.

I visited with my friend Fraser's widow, Amy, and their son Lex--one of my fencing students.  (See my post from November.) Lex and I enjoyed a rousing sabre bout.  Final score 11-10 Lex!
Lex and me getting ready to fence some sabre. 
Putting on Fraser's jacket:
(I don't have my fencing gear with me in Louisiana, so I donned Fraser's jacket and gear to fence with Lex. Fraser at 6 foot 5 was a tad larger than me!  He had big shoes to fill.)
    I hadn't seen Amy and her children since Fraser's death in November.  It was good to see the whole family in place in their home.  It felt good to know they had spent Christmas at the beach romping with dolphins and that they were getting back to a routine, accepting their loss and coping.

Fraser chose not to die at home because he didn't want his kids to associate their home with his death.  He slipped into a coma right after LSU's victory over Alabama in regular season.  (Fraser was one of the LSU football teams physicians.) He died in the hospital with Amy holding him and his cowboy boots on.  So Fraser!  Thank goodness he didn't have to witness the Monday night BCS Bowl loss to Alabama.  Amy and I are glad his last memory is of the LSU victory over Bama.

Fencing sabre with Lex
I can better accept my friend's death now and perhaps my mother's death in November as well.

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