Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Red Pajamas & the Red River

My mother had a keen dislike for the color red.  My great grandmother, Luella Delilah Deville Clark (known as Mama Lula), loved the color red and was sure to give my mother a red bathrobe, sweater or nightwear for Christmas every year.

"Camp Effie" -note the M on chimney for McCann
(Mom's maiden name)
My mother was of Scot-Irish heritage and a true resident of Pointe Maigre (pronounced "Point Meg") in Avoyelles parish, as the area here at Effie is known, and she did not part with items lightly!

Pointe Maigre is a french term meaning poor point.  Effie is just north of the Red River, which is the dividing point between the French (Cajun) part of Louisiana and the "English" side.  Pointe Maigre was so named because our ancestors in this area were from England, Ireland and Scotland and they were known to be very frugal people who lived off the land and made do with scarce means.  But when they passed away, they were often found to have had substantial sums of money stashed in their homes.
Buffchic at Camp Effie with Rudolph

Red River as it goes through Alexandria, LA

So subscribing to this method of frugality, my mother wore the red night clothes that were given her despite her distaste for them.
But shortly before her death, my mother asked me for "no more red pajamas."  So I immediately gathered all her red pajamas and nightgowns in a bag and donated them right away.

When decorating the house for my mother's memorial, I avoided red Christmas decor and ribbons.  Though we received many beautiful red poinsettias and we put up multicolored Christmas lights on the front of the house, I have otherwise just said "no" to red this year.

Mantel without the color red

Red River

The Red River traverses the state of Louisiana

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