Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Neuroprotective effects of caffeine...Get me another cup of Joe!

Coffee drinkers rejoice!

Genetic Basis for Coffee's Protective Effect in PD Discovered

This study shows that heavy coffee drinkers with a specific gene have a reduced risk for Parkinson's Disease.  I read this with my third black cup of coffee of the day in hand.

It's always heartening to learn that a behavior that one chronically engages in could be even slightly good.  (Examples are eating dark chocolate and drinking coffee.) This study looks at the long observed neuroprotective effects of caffeinated coffee.  Haydeh Payami, PhD, professor of genetics and neurology, State University of New York, states "people who drink a lot of it seem to have a lower risk for PD."  Dr. Payami then began to look for the genes that interact with coffee in an effort to ultimately find a treatment or prevention for Parkinson's Disease that would take advantage of the biomarkers on these genes.

My father suffers with Parkinson's Disease

So just in case, I'm getting another cup of coffee.

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