Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mrs. Claus and rural fitness levels.

Mrs. Claus visits Oak Haven Nursing Home in Centerpoint, LA      
Mrs. Claus not withstanding, I have noticed that the observed fitness level of rural Southerners isn't what it used to be.  Gone are the days when farmers and their families were kept lean and mean by their work on the farm.  Nowadays, combines and tractors are air conditioned with TVs and you are more likely to see farmers with guts than not.

Total Health Gym & Fitness Center in Marksville

Total Health Gym

Diabetes and hypertension seem to be prevalent here.  There are no sidewalks here, no place to walk, and gyms are few and far between.  And don't forget, my gym in Marksville (seen at left), doubles as a U Haul rental truck facility!  So if your behind is too wide to get in the door of your double wide trailer, you can rent a U Haul truck at the Total Health Fitness Center in Marksville.


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