Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marjorie's memorial and cat love.

GC Tanuk Preshus
I am preparing for my mother's memorial on Saturday (she was also named Marjorie).  Her beloved Cornish Rex, Grand Champion Tanuk Preshus, is now my constant companion.  She is sweet and expressive in a delicate way, but insistent that you see her point of view on important matters.

Odette with one of her favorite blankies.
Preshus' aunt, Tanuk Odette, is flying home to see her today from Buffalo.  I hope that Odette is happy to see Preshus!
Odette with other beloved blankies.

Odette, named for the white swan in Swan Lake, has been snug in her new Buffalo, NY home and will temporarily relocate to her winter home in Effie, LA-- affectionately known as Camp Effie.

Since my mother was a lifelong cat lover and cat fancier.  We are asking family and friends who wish to honor her memory to visit Cat Haven and remember her with a donation to their efforts to rescue cats in the Baton Rouge area.

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