Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter at Effie

Satsumas ripen in late fall and winter in Louisiana

My mother's Satsuma tree, outside her kitchen door, is heavily laden with ripe fruit.  They are sweet and seedless.  I brought in a bowl for the table as a centerpiece for the dining table.

Louisiana Satsumas

I learned today what the extra five pounds on my hips is for.
They are for days like today, when I can't remember if I ate or not and I had to give my mother a shot.

I cooked today to relieve stress.  I made red beans and rice, tomato stew with okra and bacon (the best), and pimiento cheese.  I didn't eat all that;  I just cooked it.  Very therapeutic.

I plan to make a blackberry (dew berry, actually) cobbler today. Don't know yet if I will eat it.

After I cook, I will work on some more PA school supplemental applications.

Red beans and rice with Tabasco

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