Saturday, November 26, 2011

Passed on Black Friday

My mother is of yesterday morning at about 2:30.
We were able to keep her without pain at the last.
Cattle under a tree in Central Louisiana.

Winter in Louisiana can be a source of solace and renewal.
Flights of geese overhead, honking as they travel, the pop and boom of hunter's rifles and shotguns in the near distance punctuate the air.

I am filling bird feeders, planting house plants, hanging family photographs and readying the house with a fir Christmas wreath on the front door.  Colorful Christmas lights will play a role in the memorial I am planning for next weekend for my mother here at her home.

The great state of Louisiana
I am gathering myself to move forward by first addressing my personal and immediate landscape.  Readying myself and my mother's home to greet her family and friends.

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