Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have lost two dear friends and mentors this fall. 
My heart is broken.

Fencing coach's mask.
Sonny Mercado passed last month.  He was a Maitre d'Armes (Master of Arms) in fencing, and a superb coach and mentor.  I cherish now more than ever the times we had together and the things he taught me about fencing, coaching and life. 
I had an email from him shortly before his death and it still sits in my in box.

And now I learn that my friend Fraser has lost his battle with cancer.  He leaves his wife, Amy, and three young children.  I am beyond sad.  I taught Fraser and two of his children to fence and became a part of their family.  He was one of the most energetic, hard working, over-the-top, get-it-done people I have ever known.  Fraser was a neurosurgeon, husband, father, friend and a fencer.

I can only move forward each day taking pieces of my memories with these friends with me.

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  1. Hope you saw this, keep up the great work!