Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm on my way, don't know where I'm goin'...thanks Paul Simon

The city that never sleeps
Buffchic grabs a bite in NYC!
Here I am in New Haven, after a great trip down from Buffalo to NYC. Being back in the city after a 25 year absence (little known secret--I grew up in Brooklyn, NY), brought back a flood of memories and a way of life I left behind.

We lucked onto the "pay what you want" evening at the Guggenheim Museum.  Maurizzio Cattelan's installation was fascinating and thought provoking.

Cattelan's installation at the Guggenheim

Cattelan's work suspended from the ceiling at the Guggenheim was at times in-your-face, abrasive, jarring, like a teenager, and at times subtle. 
Taxidermy featured prominently in his work

After an evening in the Guggenheim, some mandatory shoe shopping and dinner on 2nd Ave., I'm thinking if I spend much more time in NYC or live there (again), I will have to strap pillows to my feet.

Even Pope John Paul made an appearance.

View of the "Meteor strikes the Pope" or as Dave calls it "Pope on the rocks"

And after we paid what we wished at the Guggenheim (and also took in the Kandinsky exhibit and his Painting with White Border), we splurged on dinner in NYC.
Dinner in NYC

After all, I AM saving my travel budget for the Yale bookstore!

Paul Simon's "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard,"  was one of my favorite audio backdrops to growing  up in NYC.  Humming a few bars and singing along with a memory, "I'm on my way, don't know where I'm goin', but I'm on my way..."

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