Thursday, November 10, 2011

High Anxiety

I am feeling anxious about my upcoming interview at the Yale Physician Associate program.  Just saying "Yale" makes me hyperventilate.  "Yale Medical" brings on a wider array of symptoms.  And verbalizing "I'm interviewing at Yale," outright raises my blood pressure.

Yale University campus
The big day is fast approaching and arrangements must be made.  We are getting ready to drive down to New Haven this weekend (via NYC).
Lady Liberty lights our way.

We changed the oil in the car and splurged on new windshield wiper blades "fit for a Mercedes Benz," says my husband (note: we drive a 14 year old Subaru wagon).
Subaru wagon looking sporty with dust flying!

I have nightmares of the car breaking down somewhere between Buffalo and New Haven, CT.  I WILL get out and walk, if I have to, or rent a car to get there for my interview on Monday!

My husband says he is packed and ready to go--he's got his toothbrush and his change of socks!  I, on the other hand, being the inveterate list maker-- have a list-in-progress as long as my arm of things-to-do, to take, to not forget, to print out and bring, to remember and so on.

NYC shopping, who needs it?
Instead of shopping in NYC, I plan to shop at the Yale bookstore.  Makes sense, right?
This way if I get in, I'm all stocked up.  And if I don't get in, I will have tee shirts, pens, hats and Yale blue paraphernalia to give as Christmas gifts (afterall, you can never shop too early).

So look out kids and Mom, it could be Yale sweatshirts for everyone this year!

Yale Bulldog

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