Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm on my way to Avoyelles Parish

I am headed to Alexandria, LA tomorrow (have a one way ticket) to be with my mother as she heads into her last time with us.
Effie, Louisiana in central Louisiana
This will be a difficult time certainly (especially since my father is an invalid and not able to participate).

However, I am looking forward to helping my mother with her "bucket list," which she is currently on page two of listing her things to do.

I am also anticipating many visits and calls from family and friends who want to see her and share their love for her.  This will be good.

Avoyelles Parish Louisiana
My mother has always been an Avoyelles Parish girl,   steeped in the rich, French culture of Louisiana's past.  She grew up along the Red River in Vick, Louisiana and after enduring thirty plus years of hard winters in NYC and other parts of the Northeast, she happily retired to her family home in Effie, Louisiana where she resides now.

So I am exiting life in Buffalo, for the moment, and entering life with her in Avoyelles.  Not sure exactly what is in front of us, but I will engage it to the best of my ability.

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