Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Father Paul saved the day, twice!

Gumbo on the fly
Today I cooked a chicken, duck and sausage gumbo.  Had to make three rouxs for it because I burned the first one.

Nearly set the house on fire, smoke was everywhere, when I was saved by my mother's parish priest calling for me in the living room (he had come in the kitchen door) while I was in my mother's room tending to her.  I threw the roux off the kitchen stoop into the bushes, put the skillet down on the steps and started over.

Father Paul likes crazy hats.

A proper roux in the making.

Father Paul, after alerting me to the near fire, in his subdued, calm, even-paced manner came back to talk with my mother when I interrupted him to ask, "How do you feel about spiders?"  He unflappingly replied that he did not particularly like them but said that he did not share my grand aversion to them.  I said, "Great, then you are the man for the job!"  And he scooped up the giant spider (two inches across--no lie!) that I had previously blasted with Raid on the bathroom floor.

(I also made a berry cobbler and a pork roast.  Both excellent.)

Father Paul later came back in the kitchen to observe my therapeutic cooking and we swapped gumbo know-how. Father Paul is from Pakistan and is not a completely active participant in South Louisiana cooking.  But he has learned to make chicken gumbo for himself and we compared notes on our favorite roux making techniques.

Black bellied whistling duck
I put a black bellied whistling duck, that my uncle shot in the field yesterday, in my gumbo today.

Gumbo in the water
They are a pretty duck often found in Mexico that actually recycles wood duck's nests in the early summer time in Louisiana swamps and marshes.  My Uncle Beanie says they fly slow and are rather stupid (though I think they are pretty).  He got two with one shot yesterday! I guess that is evidence of flying slow and being stupid.

And I am in the waiting pool for Yale's Physician Associate program. Boola Boola!  Go Bulldogs!

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