Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back home in Buffalo with some Yale blue in my veins

My Yale visit was nothing short of amazing!
Yale's motto: Lux et Veritas, light and truth.

Got back to Buffalo at 3am and I am off to teach my 8:30 class now, but here are a few quick photos from the weekend.  And a more detailed post will follow:

Stocking up at the Yale bookstore.

Theodore Dwight Woolsey's statue at Yale where lore has it that you rub the toe of his left boot for good luck.
You will notice that the toe on that boot is rubbed shiny from students touching it before an exam.  Of course, not being one to break with tradition--I rubbed the toe for good luck before my interview!
The Whiffenpoofs singing at Mory's Monday night.

Coming out of my interview

Trumbull Master's house

Yale campus with fall colors.

The Sterling Hall of Medicine -- Medical school library.

A quadrangle on "old campus"

Memorial Hall

Courtyard within the Sterling Memorial Library.

Sterling law building

The Harkness tower.

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