Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hello PA Wannabe world

Spring of 2008, I decided to close my maternity and lactation consulting business, Mother's Best, when becoming a physician assistant became my new aspiration.

I made the transition back to clinical lab work in microbiology, with the firm goal of readying myself for PA school.  Before I finished the closing of my store, Mother's Best on Jefferson Hwy in Baton Rouge, I was working in microbiology in two hospitals--Lane Regional Medical Center and Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center.
Reading a fungus culture.

Having worked for myself for 15 years, the transition to a heavily structured, micro-managed (no pun intended!) work environment in a large hospital was an eye opener.  However, I embraced all the changes in my schedule, my work, my philosophy, indeed my raison d'etre.  Everything pointed to PA school for me.  I got through some tough days by knowing that each day I was doing something in my effort to get to PA school.

I began taking my remaining prerequisites for PA school.  I took Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Statistics, A & P Lab, Medical Terminology at Our Lady of the Lake College  while working at both hospitals and teaching fencing at Baton Rouge Fencing Club.  I also established a youth fencing program at the AC Lewis YMCA in Baton Rouge.  So it was all work, study and fencing!

Every quiz, every test and case study brought me one step closer to my goal of PA school....and that is what kept me going.

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